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Energy efficiency inside of your home or office is just one more way that you can help our environment. The amount of money you can save per year by tinting your windows is substantial, and there are even government incentives to do so! There are low interest loans and tax rebates available for anyone interested in upgrading their home or business to Energy Star compliance.
Don't let it wait another year. Get started today on saving your family hundreds ( or thousands ) of dollars per year on energy bills!

Affordable Solutions

Sierra Window Tinting is a solutions provider for energy efficiency, glass safety & security, graffiti and sun damage. According to the US Department of Energy, 75% of all windows are inefficient and account for the largest loss of money in a building’s envelope. With unprecedented amounts of financial incentives available there has never been a better and more affordable time to upgrade the efficiency of your property. Sierra Window Tinting can help.
We offer free estimates and take the time to educate the customer regarding the options available to them and help them make choices that best suit their needs. Our goal is to help our customers save energy and reduce costs, help our environment and go green. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Commercial / Residential

We are experienced in both commercial film applications and home window tinting. Our portfolio speaks for itself, and we are proud to have tinted some of the largest commercial and residential structures in the Reno / Sparks area.

Reasons to choose us:
  • Highest quality window films
  • Largest window tinting company in Northern Nevada
  • In business for 20 years
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Member of the Sparks Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Most Recent Articles

Dell Webb Homeowners Love Sierra Window Tinting!

Head to the back of Somersett and you’ll find yourself in beautiful Sierra Canyon by Dell Webb. With predominantly southwest exposures that face the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sierra Canyon homeowners have some of the best views in Reno. But man they pay for it in heat and glare problems! During the fall the sun travels lower on the horizon making these southern exposures extremely uncomfortable. We rarely hear from Dell Webb home owners in the summer when the sun tracks over the tops of homes but come late September and the phone rings off the hook! Why have we been recommended by homeowner after homeowner in Sierra Canyon? In order to reduce the unwanted heat and glare and remain in compliance with the CC&R’s...

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Reno Wells-Fargo Building

One of the larger buildings in downtown Reno is the large black Wells Fargo Building (Formerly FIB) next to the Cal Neva. It has a massive South exposure and the original glass only rejected 15% of the sun’s solar energy. That translated to massive cooling demands placed on the building’s mechanical equipment and ultimately, high energy bills. Sierra Window Tinting was called in over 12 years ago to do an energy audit an come up with a “return on investment” (ROI) for the building management group that was operating this property at the time. We always aim on the conservative side and in this case “conservatively” it was a two year ROI that we calculated. The client hired us and we go to work right away. The project went fairly...

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Reno-Tahoe Airporty Authority Chooses Hüper Optik Ceramic

Representation is everything! To maintain the professional look their skywalk, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority consulted with Sierra Window Tinting to find the best solution to the heat gain problem. While reflective mirrored films are efficient, they can also detract from the architectural appearance of a building and this was unacceptable. The solution was our patented non-reflective Nano-Ceramic 30 Hüper Optik Window Film. With 63% total solar energy rejection and 99.9% UV rejection, efficiency was increased 300%. Hüper Optik Ceramic 30 contains no metals, no dyes, and it is 25 times more durable than conventional window film. Compared to other window films, Hüper Optik’s technology incorporates a layer of nano-particle...

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Montreaux Prestige Homes

We love working in Montreux, what a beautiful place to live! Sierra Window Tinting just finished applying Huper Optik Sech to a residence that had concerns over sun damage. With 99.9% UV rejection, 54% solar energy rejection, and almost invisible appearance, Huper Optik Sech films are the perfect film to reduce sun damage and not compromise those pristine views of the Sierras.   The homeowner in this particular case was trying to decide between a lower priced competing film from SunTek and our spectrally select smart films. It can be tough these days to pass up a lower price but when the experts at Sierra showed the homeowner how much more reflective the SunTek film was in comparison our nearly invisible Huper Optik smart...

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