Millions of dollars are lost each year due to graffiti and vandalism. Many businesses have cut this cost by installing anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film provides surface protection to glass caused by paint, marker, sharp objects and chemical etching with acid. Replacing the film is easier, quicker and less costly solution to replacing the glass. Anti-graffiti films can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Anti-Graffiti Film protects:

  • Store front windows
  • Mirrors
  • Glass countertops and display cases
  • Vending machine glass
  • Public transportation vehicle glass



Sierra Window Tinting is proud to make available the only eco-friendly, non-VOC, anti-graffiti barrier for all surfaces with a 20 year warranty! Businesses, parks, homes, landscape features, landmarks, bridges, just about anyplace that can be tagged with ink or paint can benifit from the clear protective Edge Graffiti Barrier™ coating.

Edge Graffiti Barrier™ protects walls, concrete, wood, fiberglass, brick, stone, plastic, metal, signs, and much more. Removal of paint is safe and easy and can be done without damaging the substrate material.

Sierra Window Tinting is an authorized applicator of Edge Graffiti Barrier™, we can apply Edge protective coatings safely and conveniently without harming you or the environment. We also offer graffiti removal services and protective glass coatings that act as a clear defense barrier shielding glass from acid etching and tagging.

Sierra Window Tinting is an authorized Edge Graffiti Barrier™ dealer. Edge Graffiti Barrier™ is a water-based eco-friendly coating that protects concrete, signs, walls, wood, fiberglass, bathroom stalls, and just about any surface from graffiti. Paint and ink are easily removed without damage to the substrate. Edge Graffiti Barrier™ is safer than the toxic epoxy-based coatings and unlike sacraficial coatings that come off every time they are tagged, Edge Graffiti Barrier™ will last for up to 20 years!

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