Here we go again Reno.  Oh man… I thought we were past all of this!  What does a really large window and a window tint deal that is to good to be true add up too?  A light gap the size of the Grand Canyon!  And yes, we have ourselves another Hack Alert.


This is a picture of a storefront window belonging to a prestigious hair salon in South Reno.  It is actually the hair salon that my wife goes too which adds a touch of irony to this whole story.  I wish the salon owner would have done his due diligence here and passed the business back the other direction in kind (We do spend a ton of money on my wife’s hair!)… but alas, he went with our competition who never fails to disappoint when it comes to doing sub-standard work.


So what is exactly wrong with this picture?  For one thing when you pay to get a window tinted, you would expect to get the whole window tinted.  Right?  Well of course you would!  So in this instance the installer would have to take the blind off of the lower window so that he could run the film all of the way to the top of the window to do the job properly.  A piece of cake, it just takes a little extra time and attention to detail.  Ok, now look closely at the top of the lower window.  Do you see anything strange?  Why yes!  It seems that our local competitor either does not know how to remove a common roller shade or he does not want too.  Come on, it is a half twist and the thing is out of there in a second!  Instead, our counterpart decides to leave the shade and tint around it!  Seriously???


When I first saw this my jaw dropped in shock.  I sat there in the waiting area feeling out of place with my complimentary espresso and delicious cookie while I waitith for my lovely wife to get her hair done.  I mean as a guy, you can only sit there and read so many issues of Vogue and Modern Woman before writing a big check for services rendered and the whole salon experience (Haha really now, I’m fine with this… when my wife is happy, I am happy).  It was surreal because in this whole establishment I finally find something that I can relate too, something that I know so well.  And yet, here I sit it complete shock.  I was like “No way… He did not do that, say it ain’t so…”


Yes, way!!!  He did it!  Take a look at the close up photo and there it is… Darn it, I should have opted for the wine that was offered to me… better yet, take the wine and dump it into my espresso because I can’t believe what I am seeing. :-/


Besides the noticeable lack of a straight cut, there is now this beam of light that pierces through the top of the window.  Ok, maybe I am being too critical here… perhaps it’s just sour grapes on the part of me who lost work to my dilettantish competitor.  Seriously, what could possibly be wrong with leaving a light gap that you can fly a 737 jetliner through?   After all, it’s industry standard to go around blinds because those babies take too much work to remove…


Let’s put it this way… If it was your home or business would you be satisfied with that caliber of work?  It exudes unprofessionalism and leaves a nice retail storefront looking cheap and compromised.  This is a very well decorated salon in a high end commercial area.  As you walk past the front of the salon and look at the glass from the out side now you see all of these nice tinted windows and then one with a big 6″ clear line across it.


The lesson here is simple.  You get what you pay for and in this instance, they actually got less… about 6″ less to be exact.  There is no excuse for this caliber of work in our book.  We try to take sad instances such as this one and turn them into educational value (with a bit of humor and dramatic flavor, otherwise writing would be so boring!) so that you can make an inform buying decision.  At Sierra Window Tinting we take pride in doing fine work.  This includes taking down blinds rather than taking unsightly short cuts.  After all, it is your hard earned dollar that is being spent and it is our reputation that stands installed on every window long after the job is done.  We take that fact very seriously.  Call us if you are looking for a company that pays attention to detail.