Commercial – Ceramic 50 Film

cingular window film

Energy Saver


Project Name: Cingular Wireless


Location: Houston, Texas



I would recommend Hüper Optik window film to anyone considering a solar control device.
Le Roy Marshall
Sales Manager, Cingular Wireless

To provide energy and heat control without losing the ability to market products through the storefront windows. Cingular Wireless also needed to reduce glare and fading of products that were in direct sunlight, but did not want to lose the natural lighting and visibility provided by the windows.


Hüper Optik® Ceramic 50 provided a key defense against the sun, with 49% total solar energy rejection, 44% glare rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet ray rejection, while preserving the natural lighting of the windows, allowing Cingular Wireless to continue to market products while enjoying the benefits of sunlight.


Le Roy Marshall, sales manager of Cingular Wireless in Houston, Texas, claims that “in a commercial site like ours, it is a challenge to implement a solar control device. We require heat rejection and glare control but not at the cost of cutting out sunlight and obscuring the view of the outside world. Huper Optik® window films were the only ones that provided us with the perfect balance. The Hüper Optik® film has low visible light reflection that does not interfere with the clarity of the glass but effectively rejects heat. It gives us all the benefits of a sunny day without its negative points. I would recommend Hüper Optik® window film to anyone considering a solar control device.”