Security Films

Over 75% of the injuries sustained during the Oklahoma City bombing were from flying glass. Many of these injuries occurred blocks away from ground zero. What does this tell us? Glass, despite its beauty, is a fragile and oftentimes dangerous building material. In addition to this sobering fact is the reality that thieves will target glass and make forced entries into buildings through the windows and glass doors.

Security Films provide protection from these events by firmly holding the glass in place during destructive actions such as burglaries, natural disasters, or bomb blasts. These Smart Films dramatically minimize the extreme dangers of glass fragmentation, maximizing security and safety, and permitting a clear appearance with natural light and fade reduction. Depending on the desired result, these products can be used in conjunction with mechanical attachment systems that secure the glass to the window frame for even greater glass mitigation, intrusion resistance, and are able to meet the strictest GSA blast mitigation standards.

Sierra Window Tinting has consulted and installed projects for law enforcement agencies, city, county, and state buildings as well as installations on homes. We partner with security and alarm companies to help them offer their customers an added layer of protection to their security systems.