Warranty Information


Manufacturer warranties are critical in window film as they are with any other product that you purchase. Although defects are very rare it is important that you have proper warranty coverage and we feel that it is our job to use our 20+ years of experience and product knowledge of window films to use for you. Sierra Window Tinting scrutinizes its supplier’s warranties very carefuly before we offer their products to you our valued customer. There are a few important considerations that you must be aware of.


Residential Warranty Length of Coverage


Good residential window films will have what is referred to as a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.” It sounds conflicting but but basically what this type of warranty covers is product failure for as long as you own your home. Things like bubbling, cracking, peeling, delamination, discoloration, and so forth are covered and your film will be replaced free of charge if you experience such problems.

The better residential warranties will have transferability, that is, if you sell your home then the warranty transfers over to the buyer. Some films offer this option for free and others have a surcharge so be sure to ask your sales representative before you buy.

What about the “limited” part of the the Lifetime Warranty? This is in place because there are some situations in which a window film manufacture will not cover replacement or their coverage is up to a “limit.” This is another area where you need to ask and get the specifics.

For instance, in the unlikely event of defectve glass that cracks as a result of your window film installation, some manufactures will only cover replacement up to $500.00 per pane of glass leaving you to pick up the difference if the glass replacement is greater than the maxium coverage.

Our ultra premium Hüper Optik products will cover up to 4 times the normal amount, $2,000.00 per pane of glass replacement coverage. That is a big difference! In addition to this superior coverage is Sierra Window Tinting’s qualification as a Hüper Optik “Premium Warranty Dealer” which means that all of our Hüper Optik warranties will match your existing glass warranty term for term at no additonal charge.


Commercial Window Film Warranty Terms


Commercial window film warranties differ from their resiudential counterparts in that the length of product failure coverage is shorter. This can vary from product to product so it is important to do your research. There are many 5-10 year commercial warranties, then there are 12, 15, and even 18 year commercial warranties

The coverage maximums are extremely critical as well. Most commercial glass replacement is costly so it is a must to have the $2,000.00 per pane maximum glass coverage just in case there is a problem.


Our Criteria


Sierra Window Tinting has literally sold every major brand of window film in our company history. We refuse to carry products that cost us less knowing full well that there is a higher likelyhood of product failure or knowing that the warranty coverage is inadquate. Rest assured that when you choose Sierra Window Tinting, you are chosing a company that appreciates the value of using quality materials that have a proven dependable record.