Have we been by to give you a bid and you just can’t decide whether or not window film would worth the investment? Or maybe you had one of our local competitors come out and their price was lower but you’d rather have us do the work at their price?


Window film is an excellent investment. For one thing, it is cost far less to upgrade the performance of your windows with window film than it would to replace your windows with high performance glass. Most films will bring your poor performing glass up to par with a high performance window. A clear single pane window only rejects 15% of the sun’s heat and we can apply a film that will increase that performance to 70%. That is over a 300% increase in heat rejection! You will not only reduce the cooling load but also the amount of money that is spent on cooling. In addition to these benefits are the protective aspects of window film. Most of our films reject 99.9% of the damaging UV rays that are a major contributor to fading and sun damage. A faded piece of furniture like a couch for instance, can cost more than your entire window film job. So which would you rather spend your money on? The UV rejecting capability of window film will also protect your skin from dangerous overexposure to “ultra violet A” radiation which has been found to cause more damage than UVB because it can penetrate deeper into your skin causing DNA damage that can result in skin cancer.


So maybe you are convinced that window film is a good investment and you would like to move forward and get the job done buuuuuut… you had another company come out and er, um well… they offered to apply film to your windows for a lower price. As much as you really like us and want to hire us for your project, the lower price is tempting you to go the other company. Hey, we completely understand how you feel. As consumers ourselves, we want a good deal when we are making a purchasing decision as well. Although we would like to be the absolute lowest price every time, we just can’t go down that road of selling poorly constructed low-priced films. Most good deals in window film come down to two things, a low priced poorly constructed film, and or rushed installation that oftentimes is sub standard.

You could be buying the greatest film in the world but if it is installed poorly, then you have what we affectionately refer too as “a hack job.” Due to the prevalence of sub standard work started a “hack alert” section to our blog to keep you up too date on local jobs gone bad. When companies sell films at incredibly low margins, they usually have to push their installers to do more work in a day to stay in business. This is when corners get cut, things that shouldn’t be rushed are and then quality is sacrificed. A good friend of ours always says that “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.“We think that there is a lot of truth to this statement.


We refuse to cut corners on installation just to save a buck.

At Sierra Window Tinting our commitment is to quality first even if we have to charge more at times and lose a job here and there. We’ve chosen our path based on over two decades of working with just about every brand window film on the market. Our products are all high quality, we do not sell cheap poorly constructed films like some of our lower priced competitors. We do not feel comfortable selling you something that we know will ultimately give you problems down the road. Our films are tested for durability, they are certified by the NFRC (a nationally recognized 3rd party ratings agency for windows) for performance validity, our warranties will match your existing window warranty and replacement coverage is up too $2,000.00 per pane of glass. You will not find these added benefits with the seemingly “good deal” film companies. Add to this our installation guarantee and last but not least… compare the look of our films side by side on the glass next to our competitors products and you will see the superior optics, dye-free (no red, blue, or purple hues), non-reflective look of our films.


We call what we bring to the table… a good value. Its what we feel most people are looking for in the long run. Give it some thought, and if you have any questions by all means give us a call. No pressure, no hassle, just facts so that you can make a good buying decision. Sierra Window Tinting is your window film resource.