In response to the shooting of family court Judge Chuck Welller Washoe County took steps to secure the Mills Lane Courthouse. One of the top priorities was eliminating the line of site through the clear glass windows and securing the glass in the event of an explosion. This would be no small task, the county court complex consists of 4 buildings of varying ages and architectural styles. Over 25,000 square feet of glass had to be properly secured during working hours over a 90 day period of time. Sierra Window Tinting was contracted to do the job based on our technical experience with security window films and our ability to install without impeding the day to day activities of the court.


We were pleased to be able to utilize our talents and expertise on yet another Washoe County project. Taking part in projects that ultimately contribute to the protection of the citizens of Washoe County as well as the courthouse staff is most satisfying. Our proudest moment came when the Washoe County project manager commented on how Sierra Window Tinting was one of the easiest and efficient contractors they have ever worked with. Our thanks goes out to Washoe County, we’ll be here whenever you needs us!