We hate it when we do not even get the opportunity to bid on a job, but what really drives us nuts is when a so-called “professional” window film company gets hired to do a high profile store like Apple in Summit Sierra Mall and they completely hack the installation! Yes, we have to call this one out because it is an absolute embarrassment to the industry and it just makes us sad to see this kind of work showing up around town.


Buyers please be aware that a good deal does not necessarily guarantee that you are getting a good film and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that you will get a good installation. Notice the debris (little bumpy marks that look like bubbles) on the edges and even right out in the middle of the doors. Totally unacceptable! A good install would be practically invisible and hard to pick out. This one has uneven edges, debris, chunks of film missing, and all of it detracts from Apples’ unique architectural glass storefront. We could have installed our hyper clear spectral select film that rejects 55% of the sun’s heat and 99.9% of the UV rays free of debris and manky edge cuts and you would never even know it was there.


Whoever installed this job please do us all a favor and quit the business, there are plenty of other things to do for a living like demolition or one of those dirty jobs you see on the Discovery channel. Leave the professional window tinting to us pros who can handle these types of jobs. Oh and Apple, we love you guys… we’re a bunch of MAC heads over here. If you ever want to get that tint job fixed, please call us we’ll be happy to make it right for you.