Head to the back of Somersett and you’ll find yourself in beautiful Sierra Canyon by Dell Webb. With predominantly southwest exposures that face the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sierra Canyon homeowners have some of the best views in Reno. But man they pay for it in heat and glare problems! During the fall the sun travels lower on the horizon making these southern exposures extremely uncomfortable. We rarely hear from Dell Webb home owners in the summer when the sun tracks over the tops of homes but come late September and the phone rings off the hook! Why have we been recommended by homeowner after homeowner in Sierra Canyon? In order to reduce the unwanted heat and glare and remain in compliance with the CC&R’s that restrict reflective coatings on windows, you need to use a very special window film with low reflectivity and high heat rejection. Sierra Window Tinting is the exclusive supplier of patented Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films. These NFRC Certified films have been installed on over 30 homes in Dell Webb reducing up to 70% of the unwanted heat gain and over 99% of the harmful UV rays without changing the architectural appearance of the community, and most importantly, without ruining the pristine views of the mountains.


Our competition loves to sell the cheaper reflective films that cause your windows to look like mirrors and are loaded with unstable dyes that can turn purple. While everyone will claim that they sell nothing but the best films, we like to put our money where our mouth is and offer you a free estimate with an installed sample so you can see the difference between a quality film versus anything else offered in town. Heck, we’ll install our competitors sample too so you can compare! It is always our pleasure to offer you the best education in window film with no hassle, and no pressure selling because we strongly feel that you will come to the conclusion that Sierra Window Tinting offers a quality solution and the best value available.