We love working in Montreux, what a beautiful place to live! Sierra Window Tinting just finished applying Huper Optik Sech to a residence that had concerns over sun damage. With 99.9% UV rejection, 54% solar energy rejection, and almost invisible appearance, Huper Optik Sech films are the perfect film to reduce sun damage and not compromise those pristine views of the Sierras.


The homeowner in this particular case was trying to decide between a lower priced competing film from SunTek and our spectrally select smart films. It can be tough these days to pass up a lower price but when the experts at Sierra showed the homeowner how much more reflective the SunTek film was in comparison our nearly invisible Huper Optik smart films, it was an easy decision. No one wants to detract from the look of their property nor do they want to lose their view to a reflect old technology product.


Sierra Window Tinting is dedicated to helping you find the right fit product for your needs. We’ll never try to sell you something that is ultimately going to ruin the architectural design of your community. Call us to view a sample of our smart window films on your windows and see how we can take a typical clear glass window that only rejects 15-25% of the heat and turn it into a “super window” that can be up too 300% more efficient for a fraction of the cost of window replacement.