Representation is everything! To maintain the professional look their skywalk, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority consulted with Sierra Window Tinting to find the best solution to the heat gain problem. While reflective mirrored films are efficient, they can also detract from the architectural appearance of a building and this was unacceptable.

The solution was our patented non-reflective Nano-Ceramic 30 Hüper Optik Window Film. With 63% total solar energy rejection and 99.9% UV rejection, efficiency was increased 300%. Hüper Optik Ceramic 30 contains no metals, no dyes, and it is 25 times more durable than conventional window film.

Compared to other window films, Hüper Optik’s technology incorporates a layer of nano-particle deposition. This far smaller particle size is what gives Hüper Optik it super crisp optical properties. Being dye-free there is no cold blue/purple hue that is a hallmark feature of colored films.

Head down to the airport and take a look for yourself!

picture: Non-reflective Nano-Ceramic 30 reduces 63% of the sun’s energy and 99.9% of the dangerous UV rays.