Do you think that we enjoyed tinting this? Oh come on! We did the job before they opened for business. Another Summit Sierra icon store uses Sierra Window Tinting to install our hyper clear storefront window films that reject up too 99.9% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Brands like Victoria Secret® have stringent requirements for maximum visibility so in order to protect the merchandise, it takes a very special film that can reject large amounts of heat as well as UV radiation. Sun damage results from heat, visible light, and UV radiation. Of course, one does not want to overly reduce the visible light transmittance on a storefront window because it would make it hard to see the merchandising behind the glass. So the trick to reducing sun damage is to use spectrally select window films that allow high visibility but at the same time reject over 50% of the heat and 99.9% of the UV rays. Our decades of experience with window films in high altitudes has taught us that you need a very specific visible light transmittance of 60% and below, too light and you risk continued damage. Call us and see for yourself, we can install a sample of window film on your storefront. Sierra Window Tinting carries the finest spectrally select films by Hüper Optik and Vista back by the best warranties in the business.